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Dewey Memorial Hall, Sheffield, MA


Monday, January 29 – 6:00

THREE VIEWINGS by Jeffrey Hatcher; Directed by Thomas Gruenewald

Time: the present

Place: a funeral parlor in a small mid-western town

These are dramatic monologues. Each character is a story-teller speaking directly to the audience in the present tense, with intimacy, humor, and candor.

The characters never interact. Therefore, rehearsals can be scheduled at the convenience of each actor and the director.

  • TELL-TALE: A monologue

EMIL: A middle-aged man. A mortician in love, whose passion overflows his buttoned-down persona.

  • THE THIEF OF TEARS: A monologue

MAC:  An attractive woman in her forties. A smart, funny woman who is trying to contain a horrible secret.


VIRGINIA: A well-dressed woman in her late 50s or 60s. Drive and energy are vital to the play.

Matinee and evening performances March 17



Tuesday, January 30 – 6:00

THESE SHINING LIVES by Melanie Marnich; Directed by Macey Levin

A story of survival.  Based on the true incident of four women who worked in a watch factory in Ottawa, Illinois, the play dramatizes the peril women faced in the workforce in the 1920s, and the lack of concern by businesses for protecting the health of its employees. The four refuse to allow the company that stole their health to destroy their spirits or to imperil those who followed.

Catherine Donohue: late twenties - early thirties

Frances*, Charlotte*, Pearl*: late twenties - early thirties

Tom Donohue*: late twenties - early thirties

Mr. Reed*: can be older than the other characters

*play multiple roles

All the characters age; the women physically deteriorate

Matinee and evening performances April 28


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There is a stipend



These are staged readings. There is a stipend. Rehearsal dates and locations will depend on cast makeup. To schedule an appointment please call 860-435-6928 or write


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