Aglet Theatre Company | Directions
Dewey Hall is a wonderful rubblestone, marble and shingle structure that was built 125 years ago by members of The Sheffield Friendly Union Library Association.The main hall can accommodate up to 130 people.
Dewey Hall is located at 91 Main Street (West side of Route 7,) Sheffield, Massachusetts It is a 2-story stone building smack in the town center. (Look for the bank, post office, stores and gas station on the west side of the road if you are coming north from Connecticut). If you are headed south from Great Barrington, Dewey Hall is on the right just south of the Sheffield Post Office.

The Moviehouse
The Moviehouse is your Destination for Hollywood Blockbusters, Art House Films and Cultural Events from around the world.
100% Digital with Superior Dolby Digital Sound and RealD 3D Screens!No need to travel to Manhattan, see the latest Independent Films & Select Theater productions in The Screening Room, upstairs! Enjoy a cup of Harney & Sons Fine Tea or Irving Farms Coffee in our Gallery Café where you can take in our current Art Exhibit showcasing local talent. Enjoy one of Sweet William's famous cookies baked fresh in Salisbury, Connecticut. The Gallery Café is open every day to enjoy before, during or after a movie.
The Moviehouse is located at 48 Main Street (South side of Route 44,) Millerton, New York.
Cross Streets: Between Park Ave and Dutchess Ave